The Recreation for Life Foundation

Alberta’s recreation and parks charity – building healthy communities and improving quality of life.

Our Vision…

The Recreation for Life Foundation, as a provincial Charitable organization envisages:

“A province and communities within, that embrace and proactively use recreation and parks as essential for enhancing individual well-being, community vitality, economic sustainability, and natural resource protection and conservation.”

We Believe…

That recreation is “all those things that a person or group chooses to do in order to make their leisure time more interesting, more enjoyable, and more personally satisfying. Recreation includes all those activities in which an individual chooses to participate in one’s leisure time and is not confined solely to sports and physical activity but includes artistic, cultural, social, and intellectual activities”

Recreation for Life…

We participate in recreation because of what it offers to our quality of life. It improves our state of health; it reduces the stress we encounter in our daily lives; it improves social and economic benefits to our communities and province; It empowers us and builds self-confidence; it helps us to reach our potential; it builds solid foundations for families and communities; it promotes harmony between cultural groups; it reduces self-destructive behaviours; it is a catalyst for pride in ourselves, in our communities, our province, and in our environment. Simply put, recreation is essential to life.

As well, “for life” means that we participate in recreation during all periods of our lives – it is for infants, children, teenagers, and young adults, middle life, and older adults – it is for people from all walks of life. It means that no matter what age you are, it is never too late to get involved and add recreation to your life. Recreation is something that we incorporate into our lives for the entire duration of our lives.