Limited Edition Art Series Prints Available Now 

The Recreation for Life Foundation believes that recreation plays an essential role in establishing a high quality of life for Albertans. We envision a province that proactively uses recreation and parks to “enhance individual well being and community vitality, economic sustainability and natural resource protection and conservation”

Artist: Wendy Risdale

“Timeless Play”
Artist: Joan Healey

Canadian artist, Joan Healey, began painting seriously at the age of 31. A native of Edmonton, she has been a fan of the National Hockey League since her childhood and is married to a former professional, Richard Healey, who played for the Detroit Red Wings. Many of Joan’s pieces depict her family’s love of the sport as well as her favorite subject, children. She began painting so that she could stay at home with her son, Tod who has a disability. 

Wendy Risdale, well known for her true life portrayal of animals, both in action and portraiture, works in pastels, and oils and acrylics. She is an award-winning Alberta artist and her paintings have been distributed worldwide. They can be found in corporate and private collections and have been used for magazine covers, calendars and trophies. 

“Winter Games”
Artist: Peter Shostak

Peter Shostak was born and raised on a farm in northeastern Alberta, and majored in art at the University of Alberta. Much of Shostak’s art reflects his memoires of growing up on the prairies during the late forties sand fifties. Two best-selling publications When Nights Were Long and Saturday Came But Once a Week reveal some of his personal history. In November 1983, the Province of Alberta bestowed Peter with the status of Honorary Alberta Artist. 


Maurade Baynton is well known for her portrayal of the real life adventures involving children and youth as well as domestic pets. Her painting can be found in corporate and private collections and have been used for calendars and other such purposes. Maurade resides in the Edmonton region and is active in her family and community life. These prints have also been signed by Jarome Iginla, Captain of the Calgary Flames.